Revenue Growth Partners For Your Solar Or Home Improvement Business

We fill your calendar with highly qualified & 100% exclusive leads, high quality quotes & grow your overall revenue consistently...

The Old Way

Relying on word of mouth and referrals

Limited predictability in your sales month-to-month & not the actually work you want to do

Losing your money on unprofitable marketing channels

Waste lots of time going back and forth

The Automate To Grow Way

Become a top company in your area

Get lots more high quality & exclusive leads, quotes & sales with a variety of channels

Results focused on revenue increase and overall business growth custom to your goals

Automate various Processes & Systems so you free up more of your time

Pack Your Calendar With High-Quality Ready To Buy Quotes & Grow Your Revenue Within 30 Days!

Step 1: We Plug our Entire Growth System into your business..

There's no speculation here, our expertise is built on valuable insights gained from extensive experience helping construction and renewable companies alike. Within a week, We will plugin our custom growth system for you & starting get exclusive quote ready leads & jobs booked asap aswell as developing a bulletproof long term growth strategy to dominate your competition.

Step 2: Automated Calendar Booking So You're Fully Booked..

Our new multi-tier automated lead nurturing system will maximise the amount of actual quotes and surveys you get, allowing you to predictably grow your revenue month on month & reach your revenue and business goals...

Step 3: Predictable Long-Term Growth..

You start booking more high-quality projects after going live with the system, we're so sure of it, that we even offer an ROI guarantee. If you don't make a return on your investment with us, you don't pay.

Some Clients We've Worked With..

What Clients Have To Say:

"We've nearly 5X'd the sales we made this month compared to last year's busier months. Opening open new offices and locations across Ireland." - Adam M. - Home Improvement, UK

"3 jobs booked already in 3 weeks and 3 or 4 more on the table, very happy" - Tim P. - Solar, UK

"3 additional Solar & Battery Jobs & like how efficient everything is which saves me a lot of time, good work. Looking for a new company van & staff to deal with the volume of work coming in" - Michael C. - Solar, UK

"We are getting far more enquiries than anything we've tried in the past & already booked jobs which aren't small systems which is exactly what we are looking for" - John B. - Solar, UK

"Been going great, have quoted and booked multiple jobs, appointments are scheduled and we have only started this week. Great Experience so far" - Raj P. - Solar, UK

"Getting a lot more enquires and our entire brand is looking a lot better than before" - Kali R. - Solar & Electrical, USA

"Very professional and quick service for my business,

Ciaran was very helpful in my business request. Highly recommended" - Nafekya C. - Local Business, UK

"Very professional and quick service, Ciaran was very helpful, has been getting great results for us and my pipeline is looking a lot better than before." - Bill W. - Local Business, USA

"Ciaran and the Automate To Grow team helped us grow our revenue by 2X with their system and it's been great. The team also saved us lots of time with different automation which was a nice bonus" - Keelan W. - Local Business, Ireland

Client Testimonials

Case Studies


Will this even work for me?

If you are a good fit and meet certain requirements for our client criteria, you will get great results. However, the success of what we do requires both parties to work together for the common goal - worst case scenario if you don't get ROI you don't pay.

What happens if I book a call?

If you have already booked a call or thinking about doing so, it will be a simple conversation going more in-depth with how we implement our growth system. We will also see if this would be even suitable for your business as we don't take on everyone.

Don't worry, if it's not a good fit we will point you in the right direction

What exactly do you do and how does this work?

We are a growth partner to solar and home-improvement companies. We implement our automated multi-channel revenue growth system into your solar or home improvement business to get you ready-to-buy quotes and high-quality projects on demand whilst bulletproofing your growth long-term. Book a call so we can go more in-depth on how everything works!

What areas of clients do you work with?

We are based in Northern Ireland, UK - However, we work across most English-speaking countries and have worked with & actively work with clients in the following countries - UK, Ireland, USA.

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